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It is possible to test the paternity, as well as the gender, of an unborn baby.

Our laboratory can provide you with conclusive paternity results by testing a blood sample from the mother and cheek swab (or other DNA sample) of the alleged father.

Relationship Tests >>

DNARelationship DNA Tests

Who is the father?
Finding out the paternal and maternal relationship.

Through DNA analysis of cheek swabs or other DNA samples, we can determine not only parent-child relationships, but also relationships between siblings, grandparents and other family relationships.

Forensic DNA Tests >>

Forensic DNA Tests

Forensic DNA Tests are used by police in criminal investigations to aid in identifying criminals and bringing them to justice.

Law enforcement and CSI teams rely on the latest technology in semen and blood stain DNA testing for identifying criminals.

Animal DNA Tests >>

Animal DNA Tests

You can discover or confirm the pedigree of your pets, livestock or show animals.

Using the same DNA testing technology that is used for humans, it is possible to analyze the DNA of a various animals to discover their ancestry.

The regulations that our laboratory follows are more strict than the set international regulations.

We guarantee our clients conclusive, highly accurate results.

We guarantee our clients conclusive, highly accurate results

In 2017, we handled over 1500 DNA testing cases.
We are happy to be a laboratory our clients trust.
At seeDNA, tests are conducted under strict internal regulations that are more strict than international inspection standards to prevent any chance of error.

We will continue to be in compliance with international regulations and fulfill our social responsibility to the community.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test

Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test

It is possible to test for the paternity of an unborn baby
using a blood sample from the mother and a DNA sample from the alleged father.

The maternal blood sample can be tested from the 8th week of pregnancy, and the alleged father can provide a simple cheek swab sample (or another DNA sample such as a toothbrush) for DNA testing.


◯ Non-invasive prenatal paternity testing poses no harm to Mother or Child

The blood from the placenta connects the mother and child, carrying oxygen and nutrients to the unborn baby. A non-invasive prenatal paternity test analyzes the fetal blood cells present in a blood sample from the mother and a DNA sample from the alleged father to accurately confirm if there is a parent-child relationship. It is a safe method of prenatal paternity testing that poses no harm to the mother or unborn child.


◯ Accurate and Affordable DNA tests

Non-invasive prenatal paternity results in as quick as 5 days

seeDNA is the only laboratory in Japan that can conduct non-invasive prenatal paternity testing on site. This allows us to achieve results in as quick as 5 days, and as samples are not sent abroad for testing, it prevents the risk of unsuccessful tests due to sample deterioration during travel.


◯ For non-invasive prenatal paternity tests, will you help me find a hospital that will collect a blood sample?

Yes, we will introduce available hospitals in your area that can collect blood samples for DNA testing. For amniocentesis or CVS tests, which pose a risk of harming the mother and fetus, there may be limited facilities available. At seeDNA, 99.9% of the prenatal paternity testing we do is non-invasive using maternal blood samples, and nationwide there are approximately 150 hospitals we have affiliations with. If one of our affiliated hospitals is not within 30 minutes one-way from you, we will arrange for and introduce a hospital that is.

○ Our Double Check System ensures Accurate Results

Our methods are 3 times more accurate than previously used methods, allowing us to achieve accurate results using non-standard samples such as toothbrushes or strands of hair. Our laboratory follows stricter regulations than the international standard, only accepting inclusive results affirming paternity of 99.99% and over. Nevertheless, as a perfect 100% result is theoretically impossible, for those of clients who are interested we offer to do post-birth paternity testing at a 10% discount after the child is born.

○ Customer Support

Our DNA specialists are available to help. We can introduce facilities available in your area for sample collection, guide you on how to use the sample kit for home tests, and answer any questions you may have.

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Why you can trust seeDNA

Accuracy 35 times higher than the International Standard


1Highly Accurate DNA testing

Our DNA tests are conducted under internal regulations that are more strict than the international standard.

Previously an inclusive result affirming a parent-child relationship was a probability of paternity of 99% and more. Currently, the international standard for a positive result is 99.9% and over. As seeDNA`s accuracy is 35 times higher than the international standard set by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, you can rest assured that we will provide you with reliable, accurate results.
Furthermore, for non-invasive prenatal paternity tests, we will report a positive result affirming a parent-child relationship only if we achieve a POP of 99.99% or higher in our laboratory.

Our Accuracy >>

2Affordable, Accurate Results

seeDNA is the only laboratory in Japan that can conduct non-invasive prenatal paternity testing on site. This allows us to achieve results in as quick as 5 days, and as samples are not sent abroad for testing, it prevents the risk of unsuccessful tests due to sample deterioration during travel.
The shortest turnover DNA test we offer is forensics DNA tests, with results in just 1 business day. We offer a variety of DNA testing options to match our clients` needs and provide quality, timely results.

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3As a leading DNA testing laboratory we believe in contributing to the community.

We support victims of sexual violence by offering free DNA testing services.
For forensics cases and other concerns about relationship testing, we are affiliated with 50 regional law offices and private investigators available for free legal consultation. Our DNA experts are available to help with any questions about DNA testing technology and methods. (University of Tsukuba, Molecular Information · Biomedical Medicine, Doctoral degree). Consultation in Korean and English is also available.

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4Accurate Results from Our Advanced Laboratory

While it is theoretically impossible to achieve a probability result of 100%, our results are of the highest accuracy possible, and we have a perfect record with 0 errors. We recognize that the results of DNA tests can change people`s lives, and follow strict regulations to prevent any chance of an erroneous result.

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Questions from our clients:

We support you every step of the way.

?How long does it take to get results? How much is a DNA test?


A paternity test starts from 19,800 yen.
A personal paternity test is simple, with no extra paperwork or follow-up on your end, with test results delivered to you in as quick as 4 days, guaranteed at a 35 time higher accuracy then the international standard. Also, the test comes with a free re-test option, money-back guarantee and free consultation with one of our nationwide affiliated law offices.
At seeDNA, we don`t just offer paternity tests. There are 17 different types of DNA test options that we offer.

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?How do I collect samples with the DNA Sample Kit?


For DNA tests, the most commonly used sample is a buccal swab, or cheek swab. It is possible to do a DNA test around 100 times from the inner cheek cells on a buccal swab sample. Other possible sample types are strands of hair, a toothbrush or cigarette butts. It is possible to get accurate and conclusive results from a variety of sample types.
If you have any questions or concerns on how to collect and store samples, please send us an inquiry by email or call us toll free at TEL:(628) 400-5843(US).

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It is important to choose a laboratory you can trust with your DNA Testing. You may see many companies online advertising cheap and fast DNA testing, but it can be difficult to know which companies can be trusted to provide accurate results. seeDNA is a specialized laboratory with a proven track record, trusted with thousands of DNA tests a year. We guarantee you high quality, accurate results.

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