SeeDNA was featured on Fuji TV`s Mezamashi Terebi morning news program!


seeDNA`s Non-invasive prenatal paternity test (NIPPT) services were featured on Fuji Television`s Mezamashi Terebi morning news. (You can test the paternity of your unborn baby with just a blood sample, no need to collect amniotic fluid.)


By comparing the fetal DNA detectable in the mother’s blood and the DNA extracted from the cheek swab sample of the alleged father (or toothbrush, or other sample type), it is possible to test the parent-child relationship with the highest accuracy. In Japan, seeDNA Forensic Lab Inc. is the number one DNA testing facility, producing positive NIPPT results guaranteed to be 99.99%, 10 times higher accuracy than facilities overseas whose NIPPT tests are 99.9%.

By using the latest in next generation DNA sequencing technology, testing can be done from the 8th week of pregnancy on without any risk from the fetus or mother.

DNA testing facilities overseas can do NIPPT testing from the 10th week of pregnancy and later, with a 99.9% probability of paternity. But seeDNA can perform the test the earliest.

A prenatal DNA appraisal that is superior to methods in the United States has become a hot topic, and it is also stirring up interest on Mezamashi Terebi news of Fuji Television this morning.