Message from a non-invasive prenatal paternity test (NIPPT) client: “I really appreciate you always responding to my questions so quickly, it has been very reassuring.“

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Message from a non-invasive prenatal paternity test client. Received February 22, 2018 from a female client in her 30s living in Kagoshima prefecture. Hello, Thank you for your email. I really ap......

Can`t escape from child support? -paternity testing and legally establishing paternity-

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What if one day, your partner tells you that you are the father of her child, and that you need to take responsibility by legally registering as the father? How would you respond, and how could you ......

Birth Certificate for an Illegitimate Child

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What is a Birth Certificate? A birth certificate establishes the family register of a newborn baby. There is a line to fill in for the father and for the mother. While there is normally no problem ......


How can you tell who the father is from testing the mother`s blood?

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Shared blood through the placenta DNA testing of the fetus is not new; it has been around since about 20 years ago, using samples of amniotic fluid / chorion for testing. However, DNA testing of th......