Prenatal Gender Test option


When you order a Prenatal Paternity Test you have the option of adding a gender test for determining whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

Please note that the gender test is only available as an option to a paternity test, and cannot be purchased on its own.

Test Pricing and Processing Time

* Prices do not include tax
* Money-back Guarantee
* Processing Time is counted in business days. Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays are not counted as business days.


Gender Test option fee


Test Processing Time

Processing time is the time indicated for the prenatal paternity test you order. (Adding the gender test option to your prenatal paternity test does not affect the processing time.)

Accuracy of a Gender Test

The accuracy of gender tests has been greatly improved due to the improvements in prenatal paternity testing methods. DNA of the fetus from the fetal cells in the mother’s blood can be tested directly to accurately determine the gender of the baby.

Contents of a Gender Test

• It is possible to test the gender of the baby from the 8th week of pregnancy on.
• You can check how far into the pregnancy you are using this website.
• We will ship the DNA Sample Kit within 1 business day of confirming payment. Using the materials provided in the kit you can have a blood sample taken at a local hospital and send the sample to our laboratory.

Test Features

• The gender test option is a service only available to clients who have already ordered a prenatal paternity test.
• When it is still too early to tell through ultrasound, it is possible to determine the gender of the baby accurately through DNA testing.

Doing a gender test through DNA testing is a quick, safe and sure method for determining the gender of an unborn baby.

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