Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test (NIPPT)

What is Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing?

Non-invasive prenatal paternity testing can determine the paternity of an unborn baby by testing a blood sample from the mother and a biological sample of the alleged father(s).

Non-invasive prenatal paternity DNA testing was first introduced in 2012, and provided an entirely new method for determining biological relationships through DNA analysis. Although at first the accuracy of prenatal blood DNA testing was inferior to established methods, the procedure has since been improved immensely, with test results being recognized in legal cases since 2016. 

Non-invasive prenatal paternity testing is considered a definitive form of DNA analysis.

From the 6th week of pregnancy, a fetus’s DNA can be detected in the mother’s blood. The quantity of fetal DNA in the mother’s blood increases over time, and from the 8th week of pregnancy the amount reaches a level at which DNA testing becomes possible. At seeDNA we have developed our non-invasive prenatal paternity test with the highest accuracy in the industry, vastly improving on the non-invasive prenatal testing methods first developed in 2012.

Gender pre-selection is not the intended purpose of our company’s DNA testing services.

Home and Legal DNA Tests

DNA testing can accurately confirm biological relationships and dissolve any confusion over family relations. There are two types of DNA tests: a home DNA test for your own personal and private use and a legal DNA test that can be submitted to public institutions and used for legal purposes. We do not currently offer legal DNA tests at this time.

【 Home DNA Test 】

Home DNA tests provide peace of mind and are intended for private use. The genetic samples are self-collected in the privacy of your own home, and the test results are sent by email in an easy-to-print format. It is possible to request a report of the results to be sent by post at an additional fee. Your privacy is one of our top priorities. We only contact the original applicant of the test, and  do not contact other test participants or notify them of the test results.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test Pricing and Processing Time

* Prices do not include tax.
* Money-back Guarantee
* Processing Time is counted in business days.
* Saturday, Sunday and National holidays are not counted as business days. 

Test Pricing

Processing Time (business days)

• Express Test Results:5~10 business days(+ $180)
• Standard Speed:10~16 business days


※ Test processing time counts regular business days (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not counted as business days)
※ Please note that refunds for express test results cannot be issued in the event that processing is delayed due to delivery mishaps or poor sample conditions.
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※ If you opt to add the gender test option, there is no change to the processing time.

What makes seeDNA prenatal paternity testing different from other companies?

• Our accuracy

Our laboratory tests` accuracy is 3 times higher than the conventional methods of recognized institutions in America

• Our technology

The sensitivity of our equipment allows us to test a variety of non-standard samples not accepted by other laboratories

• Our higher standards

Accuracy higher than the international standard of 99.9%
At seeDNA, we guarantee the highest accuracy in the industry with a POP of either 99.99% inclusive or 0% exclusive 

• Our Double Check System

We double check our results by testing 2 separate times, at no additional cost to you

• Free Re-testing

Free re-testing of an inconclusive result, even in cases where testing was unsuccessful due to poor sample condition

• Our money-back guarantee

In the case that a result cannot be obtained due to the condition of the samples, you can choose to either have a free re-test or a 30% refund of the test price.

• Our belief in giving back to the community

Our company offers free DNA test services to victims of sexual violence.

Additional Service Fees

* Prices do not include tax.
* Money-back Guarantee
* Processing Time is counted in business days. Saturday, Sunday and National holidays are not counted as business days. 

• Express Test Results

5-10 business days(+ $180)

• Additional Samples

Mother+1 alleged father: $1380 
Mother+2 alleged fathers: $1660
Mother+ 3 alleged fathers: $1940 

• Fees for Gestation Period (Length of Pregnancy)

14 weeks and later: + $0

between 8 ~ 13 weeks: +$100

• Gender Test option

+ $180

• Test Result Options

+ $40 for Result Report hard copy sent by post and email
+ $0 for  Result Report sent by email only

Steps for a Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test

It is very simple to order a prenatal paternity test. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Home DNA Test

For your peace of mind


Order a DNA Test

By phone or online

A DNA Sample Kit is sent

Collect the samples yourself and send them back

Test Results

By email and/or by post

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Contents of a Non-invasive Prenatal Paternity Test

• DNA is extracted from a maternal blood sample and a paternal buccal swab (cheek swab) to determine the biological relationship.
• Our laboratory’s state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to analyze DNA from non-standard samples (such as a toothbrush or cigarettes). The accuracy does not change depending on the sample type, however, a test can be unsuccessful due to poor sample condition. In the case that test results are inconclusive dues to poor samples, our company offers to do a free re-test with new samples for free at no extra cost. (* please note : Free re-test offered once only)
• For a re-test of a new sample that is anything other than a buccal swab, an additional sample fee is required. ($280 plus tax)
• While there have been reports of successful prenatal paternity tests done in the 7th week of pregnancy, as the amount of fetal cells detectable in maternal blood can vary widely from person to person, it is general practice that prenatal paternity testing be done from the 8th week and later. In general, the later in the pregnancy prenatal paternity testing is done the more chance of successful analysis.
<Calculating Pregnancy Gestation Period>
• Once payment is confirmed, the DNA Sample Kit is shipped to your desired address within 1 business day. (payments confirmed before 3pm are same-day shipping)
Please arrange to have your blood sample collected at a healthcare institution and mail the blood sample back together with the DNA samples of the alleged father(s) to our lab for testing.

Test Accuracy

• Our DNA test results are conclusive; the POP (Probability of Paternity) will be either over 99.99% or 0%.
• There are no results between 0% ~ 99.99% POP, meaning the results are always definitive
• In DNA testing the calculations are based on the standard that prior probability of the alleged father being the biological father, or of not being the biological father, is 50%. It is due to this prior probability that having a 100% POP is theoretically impossible.
• It is recommended that DNA samples from all alleged fathers be submitted to obtain the most conclusive results.
• Fetal cells can be detected in trace amounts of only 2.5% of maternal blood.
With Next Generation DNA sequencing technology it is possible to isolate the fetal cells and analyze the SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms).
Please note: It is not possible to do non-invasive prenatal paternity testing in the event that the mother is pregnant with twins, if the alleged fathers are closely blood-related, or if the alleged father(s) has received a bone marrow transplant in the past 6 months.

You can trust seeDNA

Test Features

• Payment plans are available. Please feel free to inquire about payment options with our staff to learn more.
• We ensure a POP of as close to 0% error as possible through our double check system. All samples are tested twice separately by different DNA specialists to guarantee the highest accuracy. (no extra fee for double testing)
• We offer a 10% discount if you would like to have another paternity test done after the baby is born.
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• If a test is unsuccessful due to poor condition of the sample we offer to do a free re-test (all postage paid) If the re-test still cannot yield a definitive result, we can give a partial refund of the original testing fee. Please click  <Free DNA Re-test and Refund Policies>for a detailed outline of our refund policies.。

Privacy Policy

• Your privacy is a priority: personal information is protected and kept strictly confidential.
• Our online application form is certified SSL to protect your information.
• To further protect our clients’ privacy, we do not share any information regarding the contents and results of tests with anyone other than the original applicant.

Customer Support

We understand that many people who request DNA tests are doing it for the first time. We guide all of our clients through the test procedure step by step to make the process as easy as possible. Our DNA specialists will answer any questions you may have. We provide support in Japanese, English and Korean.

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