Canine DNA Test

With one phone call you can confirm the lineage of your pet!

Canine DNA Test Pricing and Processing Time

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* Processing Time is counted in business days. Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays are not counted as business days. (Our laboratory follows the Japanese calendar)

Pet DNA Test (Parentage/Pedigree test)


Canine DNA Test Price

30,000 yen~

Test Processing Time

• Express Test Results: 8 business days (+ 10,000 yen)

• Standard Processing Time: 20 business days

DNA Test Accuracy

• We test the parent (sire or dam) and the puppy.

• We test and check the DNA markers indicated by the American Kennel Club to obtain a positive or negative result.

• In the unlikely case that a conclusive positive or negative result cannot be obtained, it is possible to determine the parentage using the DNA index.

• In this case, it is recommended that both parents (sire and dam) are tested to obtain the most accurate and conclusive results.

Steps of a Canine DNA Test

Ordering a DNA Test is easy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Canine DNA Test


Order a DNA Test

By phone or online

A DNA Sample Kit is sent

Collect the samples yourself and send them back

Test Results

By email and/or by post 

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Contents of a Canine DNA Test

• Next Generation DNA Sequencing technology can provide answers about lineage.

• A canine DNA test can determine the parentage of your dog.

• You will be able to verify the biological sire/dam of your puppy and have documentation proving the pedigree.

• We analyze the STRs (short tandem repeat) indicated by the American Kennel Club, the institution that sets the international standards for dog breeds.

• If you choose the Express Test Results option when ordering, your test results will be delivered within 8 business days from the date we receive your sample. (Standard processing time is 20 business days)

• Non-standard samples such as nails or fur are sufficient for testing parentage, however for a pedigree test a buccal swab (cheek swab) is necessary.

There is no more accurate method for testing the lineage of your dog than DNA testing.