Horse DNA Test

With one phone call you can dispel any doubts about the lineage of your horse.

Horse DNA Test Pricing and Processing Time


Horse DNA Test price (tax not included)


Test Processing Time

• Express Test Results: 8 business days (+ $80)

• Standard Processing Time: 20 business days

Horse DNA Test Accuracy

▪ We test the parent (sire or dam) and the foal.

▪ We will determine a positive or negative result using our laboratory database.

▪ In the unlikely case that a conclusive positive or negative result cannot be obtained, it is possible to determine the parentage using the DNA index.

▪ In this case, it is recommended that both parents (sire and dam) are tested to obtain the most accurate and conclusive results.

Steps of a Horse DNA Test

Ordering your DNA Test is easy! Please contact us with any questions.

Horse DNA Test


Order a DNA Test

By phone or online

A DNA Sample Kit is sent

Collect the samples yourself and send them back

Test Results

By email and/or by post 

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Contents of a Horse DNA Test

▪ Through DNA testing it is possible to confirm the parentage of your horse.

▪ The lineage of the horse can be tested using samples of its hair, blood or other biological samples.

▪ Horse DNA tests use the same DNA test method (Microsatellite maker) for testing parentage as is used for testing the relationship between a human parent and child.

▪ You will be able to verify the biological sire/dam of your foal and have documentation proving the pedigree.

▪ We test and check the 17 DNA markers indicated by the International Foundation for Animal Genetics.

▪ If you choose the Express Test Results option when ordering, you can receive your test results within 8 business days of the date we receive your DNA samples. (Standard processing time is 20 business days)

There is no method more conclusive for verifying the parentage of your horse than a DNA test.