Bloodstain DNA Test

DNA Testing ia 100 times more accurate than luminol tests!!

Bloodstain DNA Test Pricing and Processing Time

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Bloodstain DNA Test

15,000 yen

Processing Time

・ Express Test Results: 1 business day (+3,000 yen)

・ Standard processing time: 3 business days

Bloodstain DNA Test Accuracy

▪ Our laboratory uses the same techniques employed by the FBI and CSI in the US.
▪ The accuracy of a DNA test is 100 times more accurate than that of luminol blood tests, which are often shown in movies and television dramas.
▪ The DNA extracted from a bloodstain DNA test is preserved so that it can be referenced and compared when necessary.

Steps of a Bloodstain DNA Test

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Bloodstain DNA Test


Order a DNA Test

By phone or online

A DNA Sample Kit is sent

Collect the samples yourself and send them back

Test Results

By email and/or by post

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Contents of a Bloodstain DNA Test

▪ There have been many cases where animal blood or human saliva samples were tested and showed up as bloodstains.
▪ At seeDNA our sensitive equipment can detect proteins that are only found in human blood, completely differentiating it from animal blood or human saliva. We use the most conclusive method for examining human blood samples.
▪ Note: If there is not 0.01ml of blood in the sample there is the possibility that not enough DNA is available for a test to be done.
▪ It is not possible to tell just by looking if the DNA has been adequately preserved. Please be aware that there may be cases where a test is unsuccessful and results are inconclusive.
▪ Please note that an additional day is added to the test processing time for samples that arrive at our laboratory after12pm.

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Privacy Policy

• Your privacy is a priority: personal information is protected and kept strictly confidential.
• Our online application form is certified SSL to protect your information.
• To further protect our clients` privacy, we do not share any information regarding the contents and results of tests with anyone other than the original applicant.
• It is possible to have DNA test reports or Sample Kits sent to a designated post office with ID and signature required pick-up to protect your privacy.

Customer Support

We understand that many people who request DNA tests are doing it for the first time. We guide all of our clients through the test procedure step by step to make the process as easy as possible. Our DNA specialists will answer any questions you may have. We provide support in Japanese, English and Korean.

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It is important to choose a laboratory you can trust with your DNA Testing. You may see many companies online advertising cheap and fast DNA testing, but it can be difficult to know which companies can be trusted to provide accurate results. seeDNA is a specialized laboratory with a proven track record, trusted with thousands of DNA tests a year. We guarantee you high quality, accurate results.