Twins DNA Test

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What is a Twins DNA Test?

・With Next Generation DNA testing technology it is possible to analyze the DNA of two people who believe they are twins to determine their exact biological relationship. It is also possible to determine whether twins are fraternal or identical twins.
・Rest assured that you will receive results of the highest accuracy. At seeDNA we have a perfect track record with 0 false reports.

Twins DNA Test Pricing and Processing Time

* Prices do not include tax
* Money-back Guarantee
* Processing Time is counted in business days. Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays are not counted as business days. (Our laboratory follows the Japanese national calendar)


DNA Test Pricing (tax not included)

• Home DNA Test : 30,000 yen

Test Processing Time

• Express Test Results: 4 business days

• Standard processing time:8 business days

Home DNA Tests

Home Twins DNA Test

 ・A Home DNA Test is a test done for peace of mind and the results intended for private use.

 ・We will send a DNA Sample Kit to the address you provide with everything you need for sample collection. After you collect the samples, just put them into the provided prepaid packaging and mail them to our laboratory for testing.

Steps of a Twins DNA Test

Ordering a DNA Test is easy. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Home DNA Test

For your peace of mind


Order a DNA Test

By phone or online

A DNA Sample Kit is sent

Collect the samples yourself and send them back

Test Results

By email and/or by post

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Contents of a Twins DNA Test

 ・You can order your DNA test over the phone or online from our homepage.

 ・DNA is extracted and analyzed from buccal (cheek) swabs to determine biological relationship.

 ・Asides from buccal swabs, DNA can be extracted from a variety of non-standard sample such as a toothbrush, body hair or used cigarettes. For more information please see our`What can be Used as a Sample?`section.。

 ・In tests using fertilized eggs, they must be cultivated for at least 4 days and be eggs that have stopped differentiation.

 ・If you choose the Express Test Results option, we will send you the test results within 4 business days of receiving your samples.

 ・Next generation DNA testing technology can determine whether the twins both came from the same fertilized egg, or from two separate fertilized eggs.

 ・The accuracy guidelines set by the FBI state distinguish between 600 trillion individuals. At seeDNA, our guaranteed a level of accuracy is 35 times higher than the international standard.

You can trust seeDNA

Privacy Policy

• Your privacy is a priority: personal information is protected and kept strictly confidential.
• Our online application form is certified SSL to protect your information.
• To further protect our clients` privacy, we do not share any information regarding the contents and results of tests with anyone other than the original applicant.
• It is possible to have DNA test reports or Sample Kits sent to a designated post office with ID and signature required pick-up to protect your privacy.

Customer Support

We understand that many people who request DNA tests are doing it for the first time. We guide all of our clients through the test procedure step by step to make the process as easy as possible. Our DNA specialists will answer any questions you may have. We provide support in Japanese, English and Korean.

What Can be Used as a Sample?

Please see below for a guideline of DNA sample types
Sample type Collection Method Success Rate Processing Time Additional Fee per Sample
(plus tax)
Standard Buccal (cheek) Swab horoughly rub the inside of the cheek more than 5 times (sterilized cotton swabs are provided in the DNA Sample Kit) +0
Additional business days
0 yen
Blood Sample More than 0.1 ml of EDTA treated blood +2
additional business
10,000 yen
Semen sample A tissue, condom or cloth with semen on it +4 additional business days 30,000 yen
Used Cigarettes, Paper Cup Cigarettes: At least 3 cigarettes
Paper Cup: The section where lips had contact
additional business days
30,000 yen
Hair / Body hair More than 3 strands of hair with the root attached (recommended to send 5 or more strands. Hair that has fallen out on its own cannot be used) +3
additional business days
30,000 yen
Blood Stain Blood stain must be over 1 cm in diameter, can be on a tissue, cloth, condom, etc. +4
additional business days
30,000 yen
Toothbrush Toothbrush must have been used at least 3 times and dried naturally. (it is not possible to use a sample that has been dried using UV lamps or other sterilizing equipment ) +4
additional business days
30,000 yen
Fingernails, Toenails Fingernail/toenail clippings must be over 0.5cm. Please provide more than 5 clippings +7
Additional business days
30,000 yen
Umbilical Cord Dried umbilical cord (at least 3 centimeters in length) +5 additional business days 30,000 yen
Earwax A cotton swab or earpick with at least 2mg of earwax +3 additional business days 30,000 yen
Chewing gum Chewed sugarless gum, or gum chewed for at least 5 minutes. Please avoid contact with bare hands. +3 additional business days 30,000 yen
Nasal Mucus Nasal mucus on a used tissue +3
Additional business days
30,000 yen
Wooden chopsticks After using, please allow the chopsticks to dry naturally +3
Additional business days
30,000 yen
Tooth A tooth that has fallen out +3
Weeks (counted in business days)
60,000 yen
Other Tissue samples, electric shaver, etc.
Please ask our staff about specific sample types
+2 days~4weeks (counted in business days) Please consult with our staff
◎:Success Rate of over 95%、○:Success Rate of 60~95%、△:Success Rate of less than 60%

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It is important to choose a laboratory you can trust with your DNA Testing. You may see many companies online advertising cheap and fast DNA testing, but it can be difficult to know which companies can be trusted to provide accurate results. seeDNA is a specialized laboratory with a proven track record, trusted with thousands of DNA tests a year. We guarantee you high quality, accurate results.