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You can contact one of our nationwide affiliated law offices below for a free legal consultation.

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Legal support is provided at competitive prices.

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Area Legal Office Tel Description
Hokkaido Hokkaido Nakagawa Judicial Scrivener Office 011-758-0620 We do our best to provide solutions to our clients` needs.
Hokkaido Administrative Scrivener Motoki Office 0166-51-5208 We can help with sample collection for DNA testing. Please contact us if you are interested in DNA testing in Asahikawa.
Tohoku Akita-ken Administrative Scrivener Chida Legal Office 090-6257-0779 Providing assistance with wills and inheritance in Akita-ken.
Fukushima-ken Administrative Scrivener Chida Legal Office 024-502-5070 Offering a variety of services including will-drafting and inheritance assistance.
Kanto Ibaraki-ken Acllas Solutions 029-823-4464 Providing assistance with wills and inheritance in Akita-ken.
Tochigi-ken Kodachi Administrative Scrivener Office 0289-74-5623 Offering a variety of services including will-drafting and inheritance assistance.
Saitama-ken Koshiba Administrative Scrivener Office 042-907-0994 We always stand with you for your better life!
Saitama-ken Setona Legal Office 049-354-4148 Satisfying service at a low price.
Chiba-ken Solaris Judicial Scriver Office 047-321-4708 We at Solaris want to help.
Tokyo-to Higuchi Administrative Scriver Legal Office 042-511-5547 We work together with you to solve your problems and support your future.
Kanagawa-ken Watanabe Legal Office 044-750-0764 We provide legal help for both personal life and business issues in Kawasaki.
Kanagawa-ken Administrative Scrivener Yokohama Minami Legal Services 045-334-7824 Let our legal specialists in wills and inheritance help.
Hokuriku Niigata-ken Niigata Mitsuba Judicial Scrivener Office 025-210-8515 We provide help with overpayment, bankruptcy, debt consolidation and other financial services.
Toyama-ken Nakamura Yoshitaka Administrative Scrivener Office 076-413-2750 We will help you take the first step towards freeing yourself of legal worries or anxiety. Feel free to contact us with any matter, no matter how small
Tokai Shizuoka-ken Aozora Administrative Scrivener Office 0547-32-9550 Contact us today and we can help lighten your worries about inheritance.
Shizuoka-ken Yokoyama Administrative Scrivener Office 055-941-9278 Contact us today and we can help lighten your worries about inheritance.
Aichi-ken Marunouchi Legal Office 052-211-2471 Let us help you with wills and inheritance matters.
Kinki Kyoto-fu Mochizuki Sogo Law Office 075-644-9252 Proven ability, quick processing and friendly approach.
Kyoto-fu Administrative Scrivener Ishikawa Office 075-611-9252 Reasonable and Quick.
Hyogo-ken Administrative Scrivener Kusashima Shigeru Office 078-856-7110 Do you have worries about wills or inheritance? Don`t worry alone, consult with experts.
Hyogo-ken Minabe International Administrative Scrivener Office 078-857-1550 Please feel free to contact us about naturalization or visa matters.
Chugoku Okayama-ken Motoaki Law Office 086-421-0922 Quick responsiveness and reasonable prices!
Hiroshima-ken Hashiguchi Judicial Scrivener Office 082-511-7000 Let us help you with wills or inheritance matters.
Kyushu Fukuoka-ken Tsuchitori Administrative Scrivener Office 092-633-2929 Please feel free to contact us about legal consultation.
Kagoshima-ken Chuo-eki Ichibangai Judicial Scrivener Office 099-806-0707 Brighten your future by calling to consult with us.
Okinawa-ken Fujii Motoki Administrative Scrivener Office 080-1762-2305 Founded in Okinawa, providing support in finance matters! Being polite, prompt and clear is our motto.

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DNA Testing Performed by a Specialized and Trusted Laboratory Free Consultations and Money-back Guarantee

4:00 pm1:00am
(Japan Time 9:00am~6:00pm,Weekdays)

It is important to choose a laboratory you can trust with your DNA Testing. You may see many companies online advertising cheap and fast DNA testing, but it can be difficult to know which companies can be trusted to provide accurate results. seeDNA is a specialized laboratory with a proven track record, trusted with thousands of DNA tests a year. We guarantee you high quality, accurate results.

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