Test Pricing and Processing Time

seeDNA’s accuracy is 35 times higher than the international standard. Our DNA testing options start from $188 and up. We stand behind our results: all of our tests come with a free re-test feature and a money-back guarantee. seeDNA is trusted DNA with thousands of samples every year and consistently provide our clients with accurate, conclusive results.

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Please note that if we receive your sample after 12pm, an additional business day is added to the processing time.

* Prices do not include tax
* Money-back Guarantee
* Processing Time is counted in business days.
(Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays are not counted as business days.)

Test Type, Price and Time
DNA Test Type Test Details Processing Time (in business days) Pricing (tax not included)
 Home DNA Test
Prenatal Paternity Tests Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test 5~10  10~16 days $1380
Amniocentesis/CVS 5 days 10 days $880
Prenatal Gender Test

Relationship DNA Tests

Paternity Test 2~4 days 4~8 days $188
Maternity Test 2~4 days 4~8 days $280
Grandparentage DNA Test 4 days 8 days $380
Sibling DNA Test 4 days 8 days $380
Aunt and Uncle DNA Test 4 days 8 days $380
Twins DNA Test 4 days 8 days $280
Forensic DNA
Comparison DNA Test 4 days 6 days $280
Bloodstain DNA Test 1 day 3 days $180
Semen DNA Test 1 day 3 days $188
Animal DNA Tests Canine DNA Test Horse DNA Test Cattle DNA Test Pig DNA Test 8 days 20 days $280

Sample Schedule of a DNA Test


・Please note that Test Processing Time is calculated from when we receive your samples, and is calculated in business days. An additional business day is added when samples arrive at our laboratory after 12pm.

・For an additional fee you can choose the Express Test Results option when ordering to receive your results more quickly.

・For non-standard samples the additional fees and test processing time can vary.

・We strive to always deliver test results in a timely manner. However, there is the possibility  that test results are delayed due to shipping issues or other unforeseen causes. Although these cases are rare, we ask for your understanding and apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

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It is important to choose a laboratory you can trust with your DNA Testing. You may see many companies online advertising cheap and fast DNA testing, but it can be difficult to know which companies can be trusted to provide accurate results. seeDNA is a specialized laboratory with a proven track record, trusted with thousands of DNA tests a year. We guarantee you high quality, accurate results.

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