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I have been listening more carefully lately, but only hear about DNA tests in the newspaper and on TV.

Even if I thought about getting a DNA test done, there are so many things I don`t know about DNA tests that I would be too worried. I don`t have anyone close to me that I can ask advice from and end up worrying and stressing by myself.

What is needed for a DNA test?
What kind of DNA tests are there?
How much do DNA tests costs and how long do they take?

These are 3 of the most common questions we receive at seeDNA.

This article will focus on paternity tests, which are the most popular DNA test request we receive.

Of course, we can answer any other questions you might have. Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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What is needed for a DNA test?


The first important thing to do is to take stock of the situation. Whose relationship do you want to find out about? How many people will be involved? This step is very important. Depending on the types of relationships between the subjects you want to check, there may be cases where DNA testing is not possible, or that the types of useable samples can be different.

Next comes the paperwork. It is necessary to submit an application form and consent form. If it is for a personal DNA test, the tested individuals do not need to submit any paperwork of their own.

If you are having a legal DNA test done, proof of identification is needed from all test participants, and documents certifying current relationships such as a family register could be asked for. It is best to confirm in advance what will be needed for your case to allow for preparation time.

The next step is the DNA test price. This is explained in more detail in the third section of this article.

Lastly comes the samples. The standard sample used for a DNA test is a simple inner cheek swab.

It is also possible to use a variety of non-standard sample types for testing, which can require additional testing time from 2 days to 4 weeks depending on the sample. A person`s DNA is the same throughout their whole body, so the accuracy is the same no matter what type of sample is used. However, the success of the test can be affected and return inconclusive results depending on the condition of the sample. 

You can see our What Can be Used as a Sample? をpage for more details.

What kind of DNA tests are there? (paternity)


There are 2 types of paternity tests, prenatal paternity tests and paternity tests done post-birth.

Prenatal paternity testing using a maternal blood sample was first introduced in the US in 2012, and was performed primarily in North America and Europe.

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For paternity tests, whether prenatal or post-birth, there is also the option of choosing a personal DNA test or a legal DNA test.

A legal DNA test is used for court cases or another legal purpose. Sample collection and paperwork is overseen by a third-party staff specialist. For someone who has not even considered using the results in court and just wants to a test done for private use, a personal DNA test is the best option.

Please note that the required paperwork differs between a personal DNA test and a legal DNA test.

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How much do DNA tests cost and how long do they take? –lowering the price and shortening the test period-

Compared to earlier prices, today the price of a paternity test has become very cheap.

At seeDNA the price for a post-birth personal paternity test is 19,800 yen.

If you add the express test results option for 10,000 yen, the test results will be delivered in only 3 days.

The price for a prenatal paternity test, which is a relatively recent testing method, is still higher than that of a paternity test done post-birth.

Currently seeDNA is the only DNA testing company that conducts our own DNA tests on-site at our laboratory.

As of February 2018, the other 3 companies in Japan that offer DNA testing all send their cases overseas to certified institutions for testing and analyzing.

At seeDNA a personal non-invasive prenatal paternity test is 159,000 yen. If you add the express test results option for an additional 20,000 yen, you will receive your test results in as early as 5 business days.

By 2019 we aim to shorten this to as fast as 3 business days, and are continuously improving our testing methods to make this possible.

You can see the chart below for more details of prenatal and post-birth paternity test pricing and processing time. Adding more test participants and or using non-standard samples can affect testing time, so please be sure to check the test description pages for more information.

DNA Test Type Test Details

Processing Time
(in business days)

(tax not included)
Express Test Results Standard Processing Time Personal DNA Test Legal DNA Test
Prenatal Paternity Test Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test 5-10 business days 10-16  business days 159,000 yen 209,000 yen
Relationship DNA Test Paternity Test 4  business days 6  business days 19,800 yen 60,000 yen

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Voice of our customers

Every person`s situation is different, and many of our clients find it difficult to consult with people close to them about such a private matter as a DNA test.

We at seeDNA want to support you, and provide a free no-obligation consultation service. We are happy when we hear that we have been able to help.

Thank you for your help. Everyone always responded to my emails quickly with clear explanations, and I am able to go back to my life with no worries. I am very grateful for your service. Thank you so much for everything!



I received the test results today, 10 days earlier than the predicted test completion date even though I sent in a non-standard toothbrush sample.

I finally know for sure that he is the father.

Thank you so much for helping erase all of the doubts and worries that I have had until now.

I look forward to sharing my life with the life growing inside me. Thank you so much for everything.


Thank you for your quick reply. When I learned that I was pregnant and there were 2 possible fathers, I honestly considered having an abortion. But I decided not to give up, and finally came upon prenatal paternity DNA testing. The results were what I had hoped, and I feel nothing but relief. Thank you for introducing a hospital for my blood sample collection, and for answering my calls even after hours. Thank you for everything. I will do my best in my new life as a mother.


Dear seeDNA Customer Support,

Thank you for your email, I have received the test results.

Before having a test done, I had the impression that DNA testing is a very delicate test and was worried

Thank you very much.


Thank you for sending the test results so quickly, and for replying right away to all of my questions. Thanks to you, I can move forward in my life with no worries. Thank you so much.

Customer Support

Our knowledgeable, professional staff is ready to guide our clients through the test procedure step by step to make the process as easy as possible. Our DNA specialists will answer any questions or worries you may have. We can provide support in Japanese, English and Korean.

You can trust seeDNA with your DNA testing needs.

Probability of Re-testing

In the case of non-invasive prenatal paternity testing, if the mother`s blood sample is taken from the 12th week of pregnancy and later, the chance of an unsuccessful test requiring a re-test are quite low. However, for blood samples taken between the 8th-10th week of pregnancy there is about a 10% chance of needing of a re-test.

If 174 SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) are analyzed and even 1 spot is not able to be analyzed clearly then a re-test will be necessary.

Please understand that in order to provide results of the highest accuracy, we require a re-test even in cases where the DNA obtained from all of the alleged father`s and the mother`s blood has been analyzed, and there is 1 spot in the fetus`s DNA that cannot be analyzed.

Costs of re-tests are covered

A sample kit for the re-test sample collection is sent with paid postage for return as well, and all testing fees are covered by seeDNA. Also, rest assured that you will receive your results as soon as possible as all free re-tests are treated as express tests.

* Please note that blood sample collection fees are the responsibility of the client.

Since the testing method varies depending on the length of pregnancy, accurate information regarding the length of pregnancy is needed in order to avoid delays in the results of a re-test.

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Security Measures

The fact that someone has ordered a DNA test is not shared with anyone.
In order to protect our clients` privacy, no information concerning the test is shared with anyone except the original requester of the test. Even if a test participant contacts our office, case information cannot be disclosed without the express consent of the original requester of the test.

We take several precautionary measures to ensure that our clients feel safe entrusting their DNA testing with our laboratory.

It is possible to have the DNA sample kit and test results sent to a designated post office with signature and ID required pick-up to ensure the client`s privacy.

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It is important to choose a laboratory you can trust with your DNA Testing. You may see many companies online advertising cheap and fast DNA testing, but it can be difficult to know which companies can be trusted to provide accurate results. seeDNA is a specialized laboratory with a proven track record, trusted with thousands of DNA tests a year. We guarantee you high quality, accurate results.

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