Is it possible to do a DNA test with urine?

Basically, in order to conduct a DNA test, the sample tested needs to contain the cell nucleus, as that is where DNA is contained.
Therefore, samples that are normally used are hair strands with the root attached, blood, semen or skin tissue. Urine is 95% water, with the remaining 5% including uric acid, inorganic salts, ammonia, creatine, urochrome, amino acids, hormones, vitamins and other elements.

In urine there are no components with cell nuclei, meaning no components from which DNA can be extracted.

Therefore, DNA testing cannot be done using urine.

However, this is only in theory. In reality, it is possible to detect DNA even in urine.

This is because urine contains traces of cells from the urethra.

Also, sometimes urine can contain traces of blood.

DNA detection and analysis technology has improved drastically since it was first developed, and it is possible to confirm DNA even from the trace amounts of cell nuclei found in a sample like urine.

In our DNA tests, in one test the amount of DNA decreases dramatically in the process, and only one billionth of a gram (10 – 9 g) is required to obtain conclusive results.

If you wish to have a DNA test using urine, it is important to collect at least 5 mL of urine using our sample collection kit and send it back as soon as possible.

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