Can I use DNA testing to help my diet??

Currently, you cannot.


DNA appraisal is a non-clinical molecular biological test that distinguishes each human being and examines blood relationship.

Because of DNA testing`s reliability, tests are used in criminal investigations, court cases, by individual`s confirming family relationships and in a variety of other ways.

As DNA testing methods continue to improve, their importance in the medical field and in law is expected to grow.

DNA Genetic Testing is a method of analyzing DNA used for clinical purposes such as disease treatment and prevention or the development of new drugs.

Recently, DNA testing has been used to create individualized diet and exercise programs. Each person`s DNA is different, and the trend of analyzing one`s body`s constitution and designing the most effective exercise and diet plan has been gaining popularity. Many people are interested in trying new possible solutions to obesity or new training programs for athletes.

We don`t recommend using DNA testing for dieting.


However, we cannot recommend DNA testing for dieting.。

We may disappoint some people hoping to get in shape by learning their genetics. However, a healthy diet and the amount of exercise one does has a bigger effect on the body than a genetic predisposition.

Of course, there are some differences between individual abilities and physical constitutions, so if research progresses, developing an innovative diet or a dream exercise program is not impossible.

Currently, there are many universities and research facilities doing genetic research, however as of yet there have been no academic papers published of note that support DNA tests being used for diet and exercise programs.

For the moment, it seems that a good old-fashioned balanced diet and moderate exercise are the best route to a healthy body.

Of the DNA testing facilities that do relationship tests, only a small number worldwide offer a diet and exercise DNA test.

There are DNA companies that advertise that it is possible to find out your innate abilities and talents, as well as ideal diet plan, all from a DNA test. By referencing a famous university, they say everything can be found out from your DNA.

However, if you come across a company like this, it is important to exercise caution and check for signs of authenticity. Do they note academic papers and research for support? Are they accredited by an internationally recognized institution? There is the risk that the company is just a business without a genetic background, so be careful.

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