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It is theoretically impossible to have a result of 100% accuracy

DNA test Accuracy and Probability

Current DNA testing methods can accurately differentiate between 21,000 trillion (2,100,000,000,000,000 or 2.1 quadrillion) individuals. As there are about 7 billion people on earth, DNA testing is considered to be the most reliable tool for determining biological relationships.

Still, it cannot be said that a DNA test result has 100% probability.

That is because it is theoretically impossible to test with 100% accuracy.

Are there mistakes?

Although it is a very rare case, it is possible that the results obtained by DNA test can change.

Overseas, there have been reports of cases where individuals that were actual parent and child, tested negative, showing that there was no biological relationship from three different international accredited laboratories.

Although DNA testing technology is 100 million times more accurate that it was in its early development, in cases of false negatives the possibility of a mutation or chimera cannot be eliminated.

That being said, any mistake in a report is much more likely to be caused by human error in the testing process than be due to a genetic mutation in the test subject. DNA testing is a complex and sensitive procedure, and making a mistake is very possible. In order to reduce such the possibility of any mistakes, it is important to request a test from a facility that has received approval from an international accreditation body that guarantees strict testing methods.

To obtain results of 100% accuracy

It is hard to imagine what it must be like to get different results from the truth due to human errors or limitations in technology.

Fortunately, seeDNA has a perfect record, with no mistakes in testing from the start of service in 2013 until now. But we are aware of the limitations of technology. With today`s human technology it is impossible to grasp all the complexity of fundamental life.

If you see a company advertising “100% accurate testing,” be wary.

You can only have a 100% accurate DNA test if you are testing all of the men on the planet.

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