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It concerns me that my grandchild doesn`t look like my


When there is a long holiday, there are many grandparents who look forward to their families coming to visit, and look forward to seeing how their grandchildren have grown. However, long weekends are also a popular time to order grandparent DNA tests.

My grandchild doesn`t look like my son. I wonder if they are really my son`s children. It might just be me worrying over nothing, but as I live so far away I cannot stop worrying.

If you have these worries, why don`t you consider having a DNA test done? If you are worried that your son and his wife might be offended if you suggest a DNA test, there are 2 options available.

Relationship tests can confirm biological relationships

Choice 1 Paternity Test


The first option is to have a paternity test.

If you can get your son`s consent, then it is possible to have a paternity test done to confirm there is a biological relationship between him and your grandchildren.

If your son gives consent to the DNA test as the legal guardian of the children, then it is possible to have the paternity test done without his wife knowing. If inner cheek swab samples are difficult to obtain from the children, it is also possible to test other sample types such as hair strands or a toothbrush. Please see theWhat Can be Used as a Sample?かpage for more details.

Also, it is possible to have the DNA sample kit sent to a location aside from the home, or held at a nearby post office with signature required pick-up, so you do not have to worry about people around you finding out.

DNA Sample Kit and How to Collect Samples

Choise2: Grandparentage test


The second option is to have a grandparentage test.

If the grandchild is male, a test can be done with him and the grandfather. If the grandchild is female, a DNA test can be down with the child and both the grandfather and grandmother.

Testing can be done with just simple inner cheek swab samples. Our company will send the DNA sample kit to you, sample collection is done at home, and you can send the samples back in the prepaid packaging. While the inner cheek swab sample is standard, it is also possible to test a toothbrush, a diaper, strands of hair or other sample types. If you can confirm your blood relationship to your grandchildren with a grandparentage test, then you can rest assured that your grandchildren are your son`s children.

If you have any worries, you should look into having a DNA test.

Since DNA testing has come to Japan, the price is now 1/10 of what it used to be, and anyone can order a DNA test over the phone or online. However, not everyone has positive feelings towards DNA tests.

If you have a DNA test, what if the other people involved change their opinion of you, or feel betrayed? On the other side, having a DNA test can help you see the issue from another perspective and gain insight. It is not too late to get the answers through a DNA test.

If you have these worries, please feel free to contact us.

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