Documents Needed for a DNA Test

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Home DNA Test

    • The client needs to fill out the (#1) Application Form and (#2) Consent Form
    • The personal information of the tested parties (such as home address or phone number) is not needed.
    • We ask for the home address and phone number of the original applicant for the test for the purpose of sending a DNA sample kit and the test results.
    • Test results are sent to the email address and/or mailing address indicated by the original applicant for the test.


  • We will only disclose information regarding the DNA test with the original applicant for the test. Even if a tested party contacts our office, we cannot disclose any case information.


Legal DNA Test

  • The (#1) Application Form, (#2) Consent Form and (#3) Sample Collection Sheet will be filled out by a staff specialist
  • A staff specialist will be in charge of sample collection, application form and consent form completion, photographing the tested parties and copying and filing the submitted proof of identification. We ask that the client please contact us 7 business days before their desired sample collection date to allow for scheduling.
    • Proof of Identification is needed at the time of sample collection. Copies will be made and kept on file.
    • For identification purposes photographs of the tested parties will be taken and kept on file.
    • The application form and consent form for legal DNA tests require both signature and fingerprints.

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Application Form


Consent Form


Sample Collection Sheet


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