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What if one day, your partner tells you that you are the father of her child, and that you need to take responsibility by legally registering as the father? How would you respond, and how could you be sure it was yours?

Legally recognizing a child as your own when you and the mother are not married would mean that you were legally establishing paternity, and would be legally registered as the father of the child.

Once paternity is established, an obligated monthly child support fee is decided, and the child would receive inheritance rights in the event that you were to pass away.

It is possible to be legally registered as the child`s father whether or not there is a biological parent-child relationship, and the child would be listed on your family register.

Therefore, once registered as the father (regardless of whether you were actually biologically the father) you would have the legal obligations of a parent for the rest of your life.

Payment of Child Support


If you are registered as the legal father, you cannot get out of paying child support.

Even if you refuse to recognize the child, the mother can use arbitration to force recognition.

If a man refuses to have a DNA test done, if the court can determine that there is a possibility of paternity the registration can be forcibly recognized.

If a DNA test is done and proves that there is no biological parent-child relationship, the obligation to pay child support disappears, and there is no right to inheritance given to the child.

Rather than refuse to have a DNA test done, it is necessary that the man request to have a paternity test done to confirm once and for all whether he is the biological father.

been legally registered as the father, and you find out that you are not the biologically parent and child,

The denial of paternity is to deny the father-child relationship and the child is presumed illegitimate (such as a child born within 300 days of a divorce).

When a child is born, the father must be registered within 1 year of learning about the birth. Just the same, if an individual has a DNA test done and learns that he is not the biological father, he needs to file a legal petition to negate paternity so he is no longer registered as the father within 1 year of learning the results. If 1 year goes by without filing, then he will continue to be registered as the father and any filing for negation will not be possible.

This would mean that he would have to raise someone else`s child, and would be obligated to pay child support as well as give rights to inheritance to the child.

If you have any doubts that you are not the biological father, you should actively look into confirming your relationship with the child.

If you are thinking about having paternity negated, you should have a DNA test done


What is important to realize is that if you simply avoid dealing with the matter and do not have a DNA test done, you will forcibly be registered as the father, and take on all the associated financial and legal obligations.

It is entirely possible that you end up the legal father of a child that is not really yours.

The only time that you need to establish paternity is when you are the biological father of the child. If you have any doubts otherwise, then you should have a DNA test done. If the results of a paternity test show that you are not the father, there is no better proof to show when requesting to have paternity negated.

For a paternity test, only a cheek swab sample from you (the alleged father) and the child are needed. There is no need for the mother to participate in the test.

If you just have a suspicion and do not want to confirm privately before deciding to go through with a legal DNA test, you can choose to have a personal DNA test done first. You will need to contact a DNA testing facility for this purpose as DNA tests cannot be done by a hospital or law office.

Legal DNA test for use in court

When deciding to formally negate paternity through the court, a legal DNA test is necessary, in which an unbiased third-party must oversee the sample collection and samples are held in a strict chain of custody.

For a legal DNA test, the client cannot collect the samples themselves as there is a risk that another person`s sample can be sent in as the father`s sample.

Whether samples are submitted incorrectly on purpose or through a simple mistake, in order to avoid this possibility and guarantee accurate results sample collection for a legal DNA test is overseen by a third-party specialist.

DNA tests that are recognized by Immigration or in court are all legal DNA tests. Establishing or negating paternity is an event that greatly affects lives, so it is important that you choose a company that you can trust to handle such an important matter.

If you have worries like these you may feel like you have no one near you to consult with and spend precious time worrying about what to do. However, in this situation time is limited, and it is important that you look into obtaining scientific evidence so that you can plan your course of action.


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