Birth Certificate for an Illegitimate Child

What is a Birth Certificate?


A birth certificate establishes the family register of a newborn baby. There is a line to fill in for the father and for the mother. While there is normally no problem with filling in the line for the mother, there can be issues with the section of the father.

赤If the father is unknown, and the mother is unmarried, the father`s section of the birth certificate is left blank and the child is considered illegitimate.

Of course, it is possible to have the father registered after the baby is born, however the date the father was registered will be shown on the family register. You wouldn`t want your child to grow up and think there was trouble surrounding his birth when he saw the family register would you? Even if you have plans to have the father registered later, and you are sure who the father is, he will not legally be the father if the `father` section on the birth certificate is left blank.

What is Needed for Writing the Father`s Name on the Birth Certificate?


Establishing paternity before and after birth

It is possible to establish paternity before a baby is born. In Japan, this is called “recognition of the fetus,“ and can be thought of as a kind of temporary establishment of paternity. Filing the “recognition of a fetus“ is done at the city office of the mother`s domicile, the same as when reporting a birth and submitting the birth certificate. The consent of both the mother and the father are needed in the case of filing a “recognition of the fetus.“ 

After the baby is born and the birth certificate is submitted, the father`s name will be listed in the child`s family register. The child`s name and relationship will also be listed on both the father`s family register and the mother`s family register. The difference between the “recognition of the fetus“ notification is that, the fact that recognition has been filed will only appear on the mother`s register until the baby is born.

If you are worried if the father will follow through with establishing paternity once the baby is born, it would be best to have him submit the “recognition of the fetus“ while you are still pregnant. If the parent-child relationship of the fetus and the father is confirmed by a prenatal paternity test, it would be a great help when asking the father to submit his“recognition of the fetus.“


Birth certificates and establishing paternity

When submitting a birth certificate and filing to establish paternity at the same time, you can fill in the father`s name in the father`s section of the birth certificate. Including the date of birth, a birth certificate must be submitted within 14 days of a baby`s birth. If for some reason a birth certificate is not submitted within 14 days, it is possible to submit it afterwards, although there are cases where a penalty is incurred.

Results for a paternity test can be obtained in as quick as 3 business days, and it is possible to have the test done the same day the baby is born, leaving plenty of time to make the 14 day deadline.

A birth certificate is the legal procedure done in a child`s life. To go through the process of establishing paternity while raising children can be very taxing on a new mother. It would be best to have the paternity of the father established as early as possible.

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