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◎Prenatal Paternity Tests Worries about family relationship tests


◯The father won`t recognize the child as his.

  • Prenatal Paternity Tests
  • Relationship DNA Tests

If the man you have had relations with does not recognize your child as his, you can turn to DNA testing.In cases of the `300 days after divorce` problem, it can be difficult to get the ex-husband to participate in a DNA test. Up until a few years ago, unsuccessful cases where mediation ended in failure, or the mother simply gave up were common. However, in recent years the problem of the ex-husband`s unwillingness to cooperate has been taken into consideration. There have been cases where family court has determined the ex-husband`s cooperation as difficult, and ruled in favor of the man confirmed as the actual father with DNA test evidence.

◯I want to know if the unborn baby (or already born child) is mine.

  • Prenatal Paternity Tests
  • Relationship DNA Tests

If you have doubts whether a child is yours, you can find the answer through DNA testing. If the mother is still pregnant, it is possible to have a prenatal paternity test. If the child has already been born and a father registered, in order to have the paternity negated (denial of legitimacy) the husband can file with family court. Even in situations where the requirements for filing for negation do not seem to be fulfilled (such as no action having been taken in 1 year since the birth of the child) there have been cases where paternity was successfully negated.

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◯I want to know if I am really the father of my child.

  • Relationship DNA Tests

There are many requests for a DNA test from fathers who have come to doubt whether their child is actually theirs. Using simple cheek swab samples (or other easy to collect DNA samples such as a toothbrush or nail clippings) it is possible to confirm if there is a biological parent-child relationship. In family court, it is usually the male side that petitions for a negation of relationship.

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◯I want to confirm the blood relationship of a child that was born within the 300 day period following a divorce.

  • Prenatal Paternity Tests
  • Relationship Tests

The `300 days after divorce` problem refers to the Civil Code provision in Japan that regards a baby born within 300 days after the mother`s divorce as a child born to her former husband.

Article 772 of the Civil Code states that if a child is born within the 300 day period following a divorce, the child is to be registered as the child of the former husband, and it is presumed that the child was a product of the married couple. Even if the mother has remarried, and the new husband is the actual father, the child cannot be registered as his child. Awareness of the 300 day after divorce issue has been spreading thanks to television and news coverage, and it was even a main theme in a television drama series. At seeDNA, many of the consultations we receive are from people dealing with this problem.

For more information, please see our DNA tests and the 300 days after divorce problem

◯My child`s birth was not registered, and now I cannot register my child. (Unregistered children problem)

  • Relationship DNA Tests

When a child is born, if there are issues between the parents and the birth is not registered, in the future the child can face a variety of problems. The child can have trouble attending school (although it may be possible that a student ID be issued by a school), getting a driver`s license, getting married or other various obstacles. A DNA test is required is necessary when making a motion to the court to acquire a family register. A maternity test done with the mother and the unregistered child can prove the biological parent-child relationship, and the possibility of being allowed to add the child to her family register is increased greatly.

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◯I want to confirm the relationship between my child and the man I think is the father, but he cannot participate in a DNA test. (I would like to test his parents to find out if they are my child`s grandparents)

  • Grandparentage Test

In cases where the mother wants to have a paternity test done, but the alleged father is not available (deceased, missing, or other reasons), it is possible to test the alleged father`s parents and the child in a grandparentage test. Having both of the alleged father`s parents participate in a DNA test greatly increases the test accuracy.

◯I want to find out if a someone is my brother/sister. (Both full and half siblingship DNA tests are possible)

  • Sibling DNA Tests

A DNA test can confirm if tested individuals are biologically brothers or sisters.
For example, take a situation where a father has died, and it is later revealed there is a chance one of his registered children may not actually be his. The siblings can have a sibling DNA test done to find out if they are actually related.Siblings that have the same mother, but want to find out if they also share the same father, can have a full-siblingship test done.
Or, two individuals that have different mothers, but suspect that they share the same father, can have a half-siblingship test done. For this type of test it is best to provide samples from the mothers as well. (testing fees do not change)

◯I need help with an inheritance problem.

  • Sibling DNA Tests
  • Aunt and Uncle DNA Tests

DNA testing can be used to provide proof of entitlement to an inheritance. There are various relationship DNA tests that can be done (grandparentage test, sibling DNA test, paternity tests, etc) that can be done to determine the biological relationship between the tested individual and the deceased. If an aunt and uncle test, it is necessary to provide specimens of at least 4 people, and for sibling DNA tests there must be at least 2 participants.

◯I am divorced and need help with child support.

  • Relationship DNA Tests

The usage of DNA tests as leverage in a child support case can differ depending on the position of the divorcees. If the application for a test comes from the former husband, he can want to confirm for sure that the child he is paying for (or being asked to pay for) is indeed his biological child.
If the former wife is asking for the test, it is usually the case that the former husband and father is not making his child support payments and she wants to prove his obligation as the biological father.
We offer both personal DNA tests and legal DNA tests. If the conflict can be resolved between the former husband and wife through discussion, then a personal DNA test can be done. If the conflict will be taken to court to be resolved, then a legal DNA test would be required.

◯I want to apply for permanent residency, look into naturalization, or solve another issue with Immigration.

  • Relationship DNA Tests

DNA test results can be used as evidence for various visa acquisitions, such as in cases where a child`s father is a Japanese national or a holder of permanent residency.

◯I want to confirm the paternity of a child that was born from in vitro fertilization.

  • Relationship DNA Tests

We often receive requests from couples where the wife was impregnated through in vitro fertilization that worry whether the baby that was born is biologically theirs. In this situation, it is possible to have paternity and maternity tests done to determine if the child does indeed their genetic information.

◯I want to make sure that my baby was not mistakenly switched at the hospital as a newborn.

  • Relationship DNA Tests

There have been stories in the news about babies being switched at birth accidentally at the hospital after being born. Mainly, there are many cases in the court claiming mediation of confirmation of non-existence of parent-child relationship


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Semen DNA Tests: Worries and problems that can be fixed


◯I want to find out if my partner is cheating on me.

  • Semen DNA Test

If you have suspicions that your partner is cheating, you can find out by having a semen DNA test done. In the past, there were limited options available to prove that someone was having an affair. A suspicious partner would spend their time worrying alone, suffering from anxiety and having no proof. With today`s technology, the answer can be obtained in just 1 day, quickly and easily.

◯I am a victim of sexual violence and want to have evidence of the crime.。

  • Semen DNA Test
Semen DNA tests can provide vital evidence for proving a sexual violence. It can determine whether a substance is human semen, and if compared with other biological samples in a forensic test, can identify who the sample came from.

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◎Worries about your dog`s pedigree


I want to find out the parentage of my dog.

  • Canine DNA test

A Canine DNA test can determine whether a tested puppy is born from a sire/dam listed in the pedigree and that it shares the purebred lineage.
When a puppy is born it receives the genetic information from its mother and father. A DNA test will prove the existence or non-existence of a parent-child relationship. The AKC (American Kennel Club) reported that 10% of the information listed in the register is erroneous. A canine DNA test will provide undebatable proof that a dog is from a purebred line.

The American Kennel Club was founded in the US in 1884, and oversees the census management of all pureblood dogs.


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