Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about DNA tests

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How accurate is DNA testing?

At seeDNA our level of accuracy is held at a standard 35 times higher than the internationally accepted standard set by the FBI. A conclusive result will show the parent-child probability of either 99.99% or 0%. A 99.99% POP (Probability of Paternity) result does not mean that there is a 99.99% chance of parent-child relationship. A test that results in a 99.99% chance would be a test of low precision, as it would mean that there is a 0.01% chance that there is no parent-child relationship.

Probability of Paternity (POP) is a genetic term referring to the confidence degree of the examination. Theoretically, a result of 100% is impossible as the POP calculation is based on the unbiased assumption that the prior probability that the alleged father is or is not the biological father is 50%. A POP of 99.99% signifies a biological parent-child relationship with an unlimited probability close to 100% (as a perfect 100% result is theoretically impossible). An inclusive result of 99.9% is non-debatable and affirms the biological parent-child relationship.

2. How are you able to get the test results so quickly?

At seeDNA we do not extract the DNA from the samples before testing, but rather use a direct testing method for DNA analysis. This allows for highly accurate results while cutting down processing time and costs.

3. What is direct DNA testing?

Usually, DNA testing requires a process of first extracting DNA from a sample. At seeDNA we test the samples directly without extracting DNA first. This direct testing method enables accurate DNA testing even if there is only a small amount of DNA available.

4. Is testing without extracting DNA first just as accurate?

Yes, the accuracy does not change. Direct DNA testing is a method also used by the FBI and CSI.

5. How old do you have to be to provide a DNA sample?

DNA samples can be taken from the inside of the cheek using a swab, called a buccal sample. It is painless and simple procedure, and it is possible to take a sample as soon as a child is born.

6. Does the test accuracy change depending on the sample type?

No, the accuracy of the test does not change. However, there is the possibility that a test is unsuccessful depending on the condition of the sample, and whether it is contaminated with multiple people’s DNA.

7. There are two possible fathers, but they are identical twins. Is it possible to test paternity for identical twins?

It is possible to test between brothers, however, as identical twins came from the same egg and have nearly identical sets of DNA, paternity testing is not possible.

8. How long does it take to get the test results?

Test processing time can vary depending on the type of test and the type of sample. For forensic tests, the shortest turnover rate is 1 business day, whereas for paternity tests it can range between 3 to 6 business days. For some non-standard samples such as bones or teeth, the test processing time can take an additional 4 weeks or more. For non-invasive prenatal paternity tests with standard sample types the quickest turnover time is between 5 – 10 business days.

9. How can you test the DNA of the baby from testing the mother’s blood?

Fetal cells from the baby can be detected in the pregnant mother’s blood from as early as 6 weeks into the pregnancy. The amount slowly increases over time, and from the 8th week on reach a level where DNA testing can be done. Using Next Generation DNA Sequencing technology, it is possible to confirm the biological relationships using DNA from the mother, the child and the alleged father.

Questions about the testing process


1. I want to order a DNA test but I’m not sure how…

Ordering a DNA Test is simple. Place an order from our homepage under ‘Order a DNA Test,’ or call our office and place your order over the phone. If you have any questions about your specific situation our staff is happy to help.

2. Is it possible to have the DNA Sample Kit and the Test Results sent to a different address?

Yes, it is. Please indicate your specific shipping needs when you place your order.

3. For a personal DNA test, do I need to submit proof of ID and contact information for all people that are tested?

No, you do not. The original requester of the DNA test will need to provide an email or shipping address for sending the sample kit and results, however identification and phone numbers of the people tested are not required.

4. Do you contact the people who are being tested?

Our company only has contact with the original requester of the DNA test, and only through the method (phone and/or email) that they specify.

5. What are the steps for a re-test?

First, we notify the requester of the test that the test was unsuccessful, and offer the option of a retest. If additional or new samples are needed, a DNA sample kit will be sent. It is not necessary to pay any additional fees or fill out additional paperwork.

6. Do I need to consult with a doctor or get a lawyer`s permission when I order a DNA test?

No, you do not. DNA testing is only done at specialized testing facilities such as our laboratory, and are not ordered through hospitals or law offices. However, for prenatal paternity tests such as amniocentesis or CVS, sample collection is done at a hospital.

7. How does a baby fill out a form of consent?

For a minor, the form of consent must be signed by the mother, father or individual indicated as the legal guardian.

8. I want to order a Legal DNA Test. Can I receive a home DNA Sample Kit and mail in the samples myself?

No, you cannot. Legal DNA Tests can be used for many legal purposes such as child custody suits, and a strict chain of custody is required. For sample collection, a staff specialist can be sent to your home, or appointments can be scheduled at a law office. Our laboratory is responsible for sample custody from collection to testing.

9. Can the results of a Personal DNA Test be used in court?

Personal DNA Test results are of an accuracy that can be recognized in court, however, as there is no legal certification (proving the identity of who provided the samples tested, who had contact with the samples, etc.) personal DNA test results cannot be used for legal purposes.

Questions about Confidentiality

Questions from a male client concerned about privacy

1. Is it possible to have a DNA Test done discreetly?

Yes, it is. Your information is protected and held in strict confidentiality.

2. Do you notify other people of the test results?

No, we do not. Test results are sent only to the email address specified by the original requester of the test. Results are not reported by phone call or by fax.

3. Can you mail the test results discreetly?

Yes. It is possible to have the results report sent to a designated post office available for pick-up requiring proof of identification. When results are sent by email they are sent in a PDF file to the email address specified by the original requester of the test. Our company follows the Protection of Individual Genetic Information guidelines set by the Ministry of Economoy, Trade and Industry. For more details please refer to our privacy policy page.

4. For a Personal DNA Test do you need any proof of ID?

No. Proof of identification is not needed, and the original requester of the test need only provide a method of contact (phone number and/or email address).

5. What is the difference between a Personal DNA Test and a Legal DNA Test?

A Personal DNA test is done for peace of mind and is meant for private use. The client orders the DNA test, collects the samples in the privacy of their own home and sends them to our laboratory for testing. For a Legal DNA test, samples must be collected in the presence of an unbiased third party and be held under a strict chain of custody. A Legal DNA test is used for legal purposes such as in court, for Immigration or child custody. The accuracy and method of testing for a legal and personal DNA test is the same. One thing to note is that there is the option of adding the `guarantee of the same`

Questions about Fees

Questions from a female client about prices

1. What happens if the first DNA test I have done has an inconclusive result?

Our laboratory offers either a 30% refund, or a free re-test, in which case all postage fees for sample shipping is covered. If the client chooses to do a free re-test and still a result cannot be obtained, we will give a 30% refund.

2. Are there other fees involved, such as when sending samples?

No, there aren`t. In the DNA Sample Kit packaging for sending back samples have prepaid postage. Just put the samples in the provided packaging and mail them back.

3. Is consultation free?

Yes, we offer free no-obligation consultation. Please contact us online or by phone.

4. Do you do refunds?

Yes, for orders where the DNA testing has not yet begun, we offer refunds. Please see our Refund Policy page for more details.

5. If you make a mistake, or cannot get results, do you do refunds or re-tests?

Our laboratory has a perfect track record with 0 errors. However, in the unlikely event that we make a mistake, we will give a full refund. In the event that a result cannot be obtained, we offer to do a free re-test with all postage paid for sample re-sending. If even then a result cannot be obtained, we will give a 30% refund.


Other Questions

Flow of a DNA Test

1. Can you do prenatal paternity testing using a sample like a toothbrush or hair from the alleged father?

Yes, it is possible to test for paternity using a variety of samples. For more details please see the What Can be Used as a Sample? Page or contact us by email or phone (TEL :0120-919-097).

2. If I lose my order information, can I still receive the test results by phone or at another email address?

Our privacy policy does not allow disclosing test results over the phone or by fax. If you contact our office we can re-send the test results to the mailing address provided at the time of ordering or another email address of your choice.

3. For Home DNA tests can you send the results by mail?

Yes, there is an option to request a report to be sent by mail when you order a DNA test online.


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