Greetings from the President

About the President

A formerly long-haired, hulk of a man that is a doting father.

He can speak English and Korean fluently, and is studying Chinese with the aim to have business level proficiency this time next year.

He has developed a method for non-invasive prenatal paternity testing that has improved previous methods` test sensitivity by 3 times, and has made this method available through seeDNA not just in Japan, but in the US, China and Korea.

In his words: `While managing a company has become my main job, I will forever remain a scientist.`


  • 2003~2008:Graduated from University of Tsukuba, Masters of Biometrics・Molecular Information Technology, Doctoral Program

  • 2008~2010:Researcher at the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences at the University of Tokyo

  • 2010~2013:Biocon Chief Researcher at the Seoul National University

  • 2014:Established seeDNA

  • 2015:Researcher at PeptiDream Inc.

  • 2016~:Assumed office as representative director and president at seeDNA Forensic Lab. INC.

I first came to Japan in 2003 as a MEXT scholarship student, and researched the expression of genes involved in human immunity and the mechanism of medicine.

I first became interested in forensic DNA in 2010 when I had a DNA test done when my daughter was born. At the time I was working as a researcher at Seoul National University.

When I first saw my daughter, I thought her face was just too perfect, and was worried that the baby had been mistakenly mixed up with another at the hospital. Both my boss at the University and my wife suggested having a DNA test done to be to be sure, and I was relieved to confirm that the newborn girl was indeed my daughter.

I am fully aware of how effective and important DNA testing is in protecting precious ties with family members.

I understand the feelings of our clients from my own experience, and realize how important a DNA test is to them.

Our company seeDNA (predecessor to seeDNA Forensic Lab. Inc.). was created in 2014 to order to provide reliable, trustworthy DNA testing services to people suffering from doubts about their biological relatives.

 We have a proven track record with 0 false reports, and continuously work on improving our testing methods to prevent a single mistakes.


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