Guaranteed Confidentiality

We take our clients’ privacy very seriously. All case information is held in strict confidence.

Basic Policy on Privacy Protection
Our clients’ privacy is very important. We take several precautionary measures to ensure that our clients feel safe entrusting their DNA testing with our laboratory.
Acquiring Personal Information
We acquire client information directly from the client via our Inquiry page, where clients can provide the following information: full name, address, phone number and email address
Usage of Personal Information
We use the information provided by the client to: respond to client inquiries, send DNA sample kits, deliver test results and update the client on the development of their case accordingly. Personal information is not used for any purposes not related to our provided services, nor distributed to third parties. However, we may be inclined to disclose client information if necessary to be in accordance with the law if requested by law enforcement. Also, DNA sites that report genetic constitution are not subject to testing, so they do not bring about disadvantages in social life. (Except for Avellino DNA tests)
Disclosure of Personal Information
Client information is not disclosed to third parties as per our standard nondisclosure policy. However, if permission is received beforehand to share information with third party service providers, we will notify the client when doing so. For example, providing the client’s name and address to a shipping or delivery service when sending requested documents or materials. Please note that disclosing client information may be required in accordance of the law when cooperating with requests from judicial agencies and law enforcement, in which case client information can be disclosed without notice to clients.
Management of Personal Information
We have systematic procedures to manage and protect client information. Only the website administrator has access to personal information, and security measures are in place to prevent information from being accessed, shared or leaked to an unauthorized third party. We also supervise personal information for cases that are sent abroad for testing by subcontracted laboratories. To effectively implement these measures, we have an established “Compliance Program on Personal Information Protection” that develops internal regulations, safety measures, implements corrective measures and preventive measures.
Changes to our Privacy Policy
In the event of any change in our privacy policies, we will update this page appropriately. Please note that notice of changes may not be sent individually to all of our clients. Please contact our Customer Support if you have any questions about our privacy policies.

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