Steps of an Animal DNA Test

Steps of an Animal DNA Test


Client is responsible for doing


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iconDNA Sample Kit is sent

We will send a DNA Sample Kit and necessary documents to the mailing address indicated. It is also possible to have a sample kit sent and held at a designated post office with signature and ID pick up.

iconSample Collection・Samples sent back in the kit

Samples are collected by the client and sent back to our laboratory in the prepaid packaging provided. We require the client to fill in the Application form and Consent form and mail them back with the samples, however we do not require the proof of identification or personal information (phone number, home address) of the tested parties.

iconTest Processing Time

For animal DNA tests, express test results are delivered within 8 business days and the standard processing time is 20 business days.

iconTest Results

We will deliver the DNA test results via the method indicated by the client.

Please note that we cannot disclose test results over the phone or by fax.

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I want to learn about the lineage of my pet.

Using the same technology that is used for DNA testing among humans, it is possible to find out the parentage of your dog, horse, pig or cow.

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It is important to choose a laboratory you can trust with your DNA Testing. You may see many companies online advertising cheap and fast DNA testing, but it can be difficult to know which companies can be trusted to provide accurate results. seeDNA is a specialized laboratory with a proven track record, trusted with thousands of DNA tests a year. We guarantee you high quality, accurate results.

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