Free Re-test and Refund Policy

Free Re-test and Refund Policy


If samples are in poor condition, or were collected incorrectly, a test may come back as ‘Inconclusive.’ This means that a test was run, but that not enough DNA was able to be obtained for analysis. Unfortunately it is not possible to tell whether a sample is in good condition until the end of the test, as DNA cannot be seen with the naked eye. 


In the event that a conclusive result is not able to be obtained:


If DNA is not able to be extracted from the sample and a test result cannot be obtained, we offer you 2 choices: to have a free re-test done or to receive a 30% refund. If you choose to have a free re-test, we will have a new DNA Sample Kit sent to the address you choose. For clients that choose to receive to have a 30% refund, transaction fees are the client’s responsibility. There is no limit to the number of free re-tests for relationship tests that use cheek swab samples. 

For prenatal paternity re-tests, documentation may be required from the hospital or your OBGYN that certifies the length of pregnancy at the time of the blood sample collection. If documentation cannot be obtained, then the client is not eligible for free re-tests and refund options. Please note that non-invasive prenatal paternity tests are eligible for one (1) free re-test.

If the client chooses to cancel:

In the case that the client chooses to cancel their DNA test order, we ask that they please contact us via email or phone within 30 days of placing the order.
If the DNA Sample Kit has not been shipped yet, then we can offer a full refund.
If the DNA Sample Kit for a Home DNA test has already been shipped, then a refund will be issued minus a 30% cancellation fee.

Please be aware that if the DNA Sample Kit has been opened, the test is no longer eligible for a refund. Refunds are not available for samples that have already arrived at our laboratory.

Option Services and Delays

We ask that our clients please send the DNA Sample Kit with collected samples to our laboratory within 1 year of placing their order.

If a client does not send back the DNA Sample Kit within 1 year, their account will be closed. It is not possible to request DNA testing for closed accounts, and closed accounts are not eligible for refunds. A client that has had their account closed and would like to order a new test can open a new account.

The processing time for each test can vary depending on the condition of the DNA samples received and the courier service. The Express Test Results option fee cannot be refunded if a test’s processing time is delayed due to causes outside of seeDNA’s control.

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